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Sunshine Organics is a local, family-owned grocery delivery service with a passion for local food

We purchase produce from local farms whenever it is available and we provide products from local vendors and full selection of groceries and pet foods.

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Spring Greens!

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Sunshine Organics - Comox Valley
t Sunshine Organics:

Sunshine Organics is a local organic and whole foods grocery delivery service. It was pioneered in Powell River in 2002 by Melissa Call. Rachel Mooney loved Melissa's vision and started a Comox Valley division in 2004. Products are sourced as much as possible, from numerous organic farms and producers of the Powell River and Comox Valley region. Their customers are therefore benefiting from high quality, fresh produce as well as many delectable locally made items. Sunshine Organics also offers a complete bulk food selection from their sister company Ecossentials, re-using containers in order to reduce packaging waste.
About Rachel:
Rachel is a single momma, a holistic nutritionist (RHN), and a passionate whole foodie who loves flavour and nutrition together. She is an awesome cook and an even better eater. She moved to the Comox Valley in 2000 with her wee daughter Tlell, to be near a few of her big Irish family who emigrated from Ontario. She is passionate about her work with Sunshine Organics, loves working with all the Comox Valley farmers and dreams of growing food for the biz when she grows up.
The Sunshine Organics Mission:
To provide our community with a fresh, healthy and convenient alternative to chemically treated and genetically modified food by delivering reasonably priced, high quality local and organic produce directly to our customers' home or business.
To promote a healthy relationship with our environment through education & information to consumers and support of local growers in sustainable organic agriculture.
Our guarantee:
As with all things in nature, nothing is absolute. We at Sunshine Organics aim to deliver with complete customer satisfaction guaranteed. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the service that you are receiving, please contact us and we will do our best to address your concerns.

We invite you to peruse our store and 'let the sunshine in' by simply signing up and having the pleasure of true convenience by way of fabulous produce and groceries delivered right to your door! Try us and get your first box at 20% off!